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Security shuttering & make safe
If your window is broken but you want time to think about what to replace it
with, Fast Glass 24/7 provides an emergency shuttering service with one hour

Emergency shuttering

When a window breaks security is often your first concern. With Fast Glass 24/7 emergency
glass service you can often replace the window on the spot. Sometimes though it makes more sense to quickly apply security shutters to the window and then take time to consider the next steps. For example if you have been considering a renovation or reconfiguration of your shop front you may wish to consult with your designer before replacing the existing window in the same format.

With FastGlass 24/7 we absolutely understand that and we’re here to help get you safe and
secure again fast.Of course, when you are ready to install your new window we’ll be ready and waiting to help then too.

Make safe

When we make your premises safe with security shuttering we do much more than block the hole. Fast Glass 24/7 friendly consultants are experts in all aspects of glass handling. We know how to remove dangerous broken windows and to thoroughly clean up broken glass quickly and safely.

So if you have a broken window but aren’t sure yet what you’d like to replace it with, call Fast
Glass 24/7 emergency shuttering service and we’ll get you safe and secure again, FAST.


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